We are the girls who make your Tween Session amazing and make you feel like a model!
Our hair and makeup artist, Nicole, will give you the star treatment with a mini makeover to enhance your natural beauty! Kymbre, your fabulous photographer, who will help style you to the max and pose you for those perfect insta-shots! After your shoot our portrait artist Zoe will give your images a bump up in color and crop so you have shots ready to post or hang on your wall! 

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We know that the Tween years are still filled with laughter and the innocence of childhood, but Tweens are growing into their own as they inch towards becoming young adults. Learning to have opinions of their own and an awareness of the beautiful world around them. This is an emotional time where parents watch their little girls bodies and faces change so swiftly.. so this age should be cherished and celebrated!
Don't settle for just the school photo as the defining portrait of your pre-teen! Book a Tween session with us and capture this amazing and fleeting time in your child's life.